Condo Budget and Hydro Facts

by: Linda Pinizzotto, DStG – Dame Order of St George –  Founder CEO COA – Condo Owners Association 

A Condominium budget experiences about 30% of their operating budget for utility costs.

How much HST is there on utilities province wide. COA reviewed documentation on discussions between the Government, Energy Consultants, Ontario Energy Board, Ontario Hydro and OPG.

In May 2010, the Ontario Government ordered the Province’s Crown-owned electricity utilities to cancel their requests for hydro rate increases because they were worried about consumer backlash over soaring power costs. The Government’s rate-setting process is designed to take the politics out of electricity pricing because it was determined that Condo Owners and Homeowners are already facing increases of $300 more a year on average to keep the lights on by the end of 2011.

Hydro One was seeking 22 per cent over two years while Ontario Power Generation was seeking 9.6 per cent rate increase effective next January.  This would be equivalent to approx. $2.75 a month for an average household…but what about Condominiums?


GLOBE AND MAIL – Ontario utilities told not to bother with requests for rate increases

Home Energy Labelling Now –  Information on Advocates for Home Energy  


IESO – Electricity

Local distribution companies, are responsible for distributing power from transmission lines to people’s homes.

All issues related to your electricity contract, ie. physical service, billing, meter reading, etc. are handled by your local utility.

HST COSTS BREAKDOWN – How will the new HST affect me in Ontario? 

HYDRO ELECTRIC – Consider these facts

The Toronto Hydro Electric System is the local distributor of electric power in the City of Toronto.  In 2005 the utility served a peak load of over 5,000 MW and had nearly 600,000 residential and 70,000 commercial and industrial customers, and 1,600 employees. The corporation had revenues over CDN $2,600,000,000 in 2005.

What are the Stats in 2010?


• Peak electricity demand was approximately 1,610 megawatts in August  2006

• Third largest supplier (by demand) among 80 municipally-owned utilities in Ontario

• Serving over 186,000 customers
• Electrical system circuit spans over 5,000 kilometres
• Operating 65 municipal substations and over 25,000 distribution transformers

Please review Hydro One Mapping 

Everyone in Ontario directly or indirectly pays for electricity.  Electricity prices are constantly increasing. The HST increased the tax on this consumption by an additional 8% having started on  JULY 2010.   The total electrical consumption in Ontario is in excess of $5 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY AND GROWING.


THE SOLUTION The Province would be wise to completely re-consider this absolutely unwarranted tax grab. If all utilities were exempt everyone in Ontario would benefit. Another alternative would be to cut the HST rate on everything to 10%

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