Condo Owners Speak Out

by: Linda Pinizzotto, DStG – Dame Order of St George –  Founder CEO COA – Condo Owners Association

Condo Owners rights? 

There are more than 1.3 Million condo owners in Ontario, the Condo Act must be taken seriously by Board Members and Condo Corporations.   Mandatory classes should be enacted for all Condo Owners so they understand their rights.   Sometimes the COA wonders whether it is only service related trades making recommendations?  The Provincial Government needs to listen to Condo Owners not Board Members and or service trades.  Are existing issues documented with the CAO being researched and considered?

Condo Owners are slowly waking up but they are still at a loss to obtain answers and find resolutions within their own Condo building.  They do not want to file with the CAO, Condo Authority of Ontario because they are afraid.  How do we finally open that door of communication?   We are addressing some concerns on the COA Blog.  We appreciate owners to submit their comments and complaints using this portal as a VOICE FOR CONDO OWNERS

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