About the COA

The Condo Owners Association (COA) is a non profit Association Founded in March 2010 by Linda Pinizzotto, a well known Realtor and a Dame of the Order of St. George.   Linda believed that Condo Owners needs representation and the Condo Act was not sufficient to protect Condo Owners so she set forth to advocate a complete overhaul.  The condo world was lacking in governance, accountability and it needed a better legislation.   The Condo Act was created in 1998 and 12 years later with the beginning of extensive New Construction, the Act was never addressed or updated.   The COA advocates on behalf of Condo Owners and provides them with a Voice.  It features a Condo Information Centre on their website and 26 cities represented on Twitter.  There are over 1.45 million Condo Owners in Ontario and growing.   The COA exclusively represents Condominium Owners in all Cities across the Province of Ontario.  A call for membership has only begun recently.  It is strictly for Condo Owners and does not include Condo service related trades, ie Property Management firms, Lawyers etc.  Linda has personally funded the COA since the beginning and now seeks your support as the COA continues to advocate on behalf of Condo Owners. 


The Condo Owners Association is thrilled to have participated as a “Stakeholder” in the Condo Act Review process to “represent Condo Owners rights” and work with the Ministry of Consumer Services to “Build a Better Condo Act which must provide better protection for Condo Owners and a strict compliance and governance in the operations of Condominiums. The Condo Act must be written in every day language and in modern terms for Condo Owners to understand. The Condo Act is for Condo Owners not service related trades.   


The Condo Owners is honored to have been selected as a qualified resource with the Auditor General of Ontario in providing them with in depth information on condominiums, operations, financials ie operating budgets, surplus and reserve funds plus the short falls of the CAO Condo Authority of Ontario and the CMRAO Condo Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario.  Report Value-for-Money Audit Condominium Oversight in Ontario Condo Owners continue to be at risk and without protection.  The COA is deeply concerned with the hundreds of complaints they receive and the continuous abuse and mismanagement of Board Members and the Property Management Firms.  There are thousands of Condominiums where their property values have limited increase and their maintenance fees continue to rise uncontrollably.   There are disputes, harassment and very misleading representation.    Please review their  https://www.auditor.on.ca/en/content/annualreports/arreports/en20/20VFM_10condominium.pdf